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Aquaponics Income Estimator
Simple, Easy and Accurate!
Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Aquaponics Business
Done For You!
Do You Wonder What You can Potentially Make with an Aquaponics Farm?

This tool can help you take the guess work out from getting all the 'numbers' that really matter so you can quickly know the ROI of your aquaponics business and not go at it blindly!

And that makes the decision of investing in an aquaponics farm painless while being backed by a solid financial model. The estimator contains complete Profit & Loss and Income Statements…so you can easily and instantly apply to YOUR own business.

What You'll Get:
Complete Proforma and Cash Flow Sheets
Start Up Cost
All the costs associated with building your farm and getting it off the ground in one easy to calculate table.
Yearly Cash Flow
Cash flow on a month by month basis including all your costs based on real data from actual aquaponics farms. 
Income Statement
Finally, a complete income statement of what earning you can expect over a span of 4 years of operation.*
Know Before You Grow!
This estimator helps you answer some of the most common questions aquaponic entrepreneurs have:
How Do I Determine My Start Up Cost?
  •  Get a breakdown of all the start up costs involved: greenhouse building cost, cost of building the aquaponics system and other common general start up costs.
  •  Including estimates of the general building cost of an aquaponics system based on the size of your grow area.
  •  Determine how much you would need to invest and figure out if you can afford it.
    How Do I Know How much I Can Grow?
    •  Get a breakdown of how many plants you can grow just by entering number of grow beds and their size. 
    •  Determine month-by-month breakdown of plants sold per week, cases per week and cases per month.
    •  Get production rates for both summer and winter growing cycles.

    What will be My Operational Cost?
    • Get per unit cost to grow like seeding media, packaging, labour, transportation etc. based on actual farm data .
    •  Calculate your monthly cash outflow by combining variable (cost that change based on how much you grow) and fixed cost (fixed monthly operational cost).
    •   Determine yearly cash flow and income statements for 4 consecutive years.
      How Much Can I Expect to Make?

      • Calculate your earnings before and after tax for 4 consecutive years.
      •  Plan your expansion by knowing exactly the expected monthly and annual cash flow.
      •  Get an estimate of your total monthly sales based on market prices. 
      How Do I Determine my Supply and Utility Costs?
      •  Seamlessly integrate with the Business Planner tool for a complete business plan.
      •  Use the 5-in-1 Design Calculator to find out and plug in your heating cost, power consumption, fish feed and much more.
      •  Easy to customize for your specific regional requirements.
        Only $39 $75
        * Note: ALL projections derived from the Aquaponics Income Estimator are estimates ONLY based on the information provided. They do not constitutes any real claims of earning or earning potential.
        What People Are Saying
        "We are just starting the design of our small aquaponics farm and we bought this estimator to help us with the proforma. The decision to invest in a business has to be done through a financial model and this planner helped us with that."
        - Mina Perelli, Burnaby BC
        "Ahmed, thank you for listening before preaching, asking before telling and importantly being flexible enough to tailor the plan to our needs. The Income estimator and calculator were invaluable for our planning. Your knowledge of business comes from experience and not just a book." 
        - Tony and Wendy, New Market, ON
        Have Questions about the Income Estimator?
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        How Do I Use the Income Estimator?
        Here is a quick step by step guide on using the Estimator.

        Get a complete financial model with only a few entries. Plug and Play!
        Step 1: Start-up Costs
        Sheet 1: Step 1 Start-up Costs. In this worksheet you will determine the cost of building and launching your aquaponics business. Cells in green require an 'input'; you only need to change the green cells. All other cells give you the output. 

        The estimator is very intuitive to use and flexible to use. All the formulas used are given so modifying it depending on your system will be a breeze.
        •  Enter the Size of the greenhouse: What size are your greenhouse in square feet?
        •  Enter the number of greenhouses: How many greenhouse do you have on your property?
        •  Enter the down payment percent: If you are getting a loan enter the downpayment percent you would like to put down. If your project is being self-financed then enter '0'.
        •  Enter General Start-up costs: Your business will have several start up costs that will need to be accounted for. A list of the most common costs found in an aquaponics farm stat up is given including working capital.
        • Cost of building greenhouse: the estimator will give you the cost of building poly covered greenhouse(s) of your size.
        •  Cost of building the aquaponics system: this will include costs of tanks and filtration, pumps, aeration systems, grow beds, lighting and heating systems.
        •   Total start up costs: this will give you the total money that is needed in 2 components (1) funding needed to be borrowed by a bank or financial institution and (2) your down payment based on the initial percentage entered in the inputs above. 
        Step 2: Cash Flow 
        Sheet 2: Step 2 Cashflow -Yr1, 2 and 3. In this worksheet you will find out month by month cash flow in your business. The cashflow is a detailed account of how your business will earn (sales) and spend (costs) money. 

        Variable costs are calculated based on real data from actual aquaponics farms. Here again, the  Cells in green require an 'input'; you only need to change the green cells. All other cells give you the output. 
        •  Enter the dimensions of the beds: What is the length and width of your beds? How many beds are there in the greenhouse?
        •  Enter the market price: What is the organic market price you will sell your produce?
        •  Enter fixed costs specific to your business: what are all the fixed costs to run your business regardless of how much you produce?
        • Sales per month or cash inflow: the estimator will calculate how many heads of lettuce you can grow on a monthly basis accounting for the variations in the seasons. From there it will calculate your cash from sales using the market price you entered.
        •  Cost per head: cost per head of growing a head of lettuce is built into the worksheet. The cost takes into account variable costs such as seeds, seeding media, labour, packaging, fuel etc.
        •   Cumulative cashflow: a month by month breakdown of how much will you end up with at the end of every month
        Step 3: Income Statement 
        Sheet 3: Income Statement. In this worksheet you will find annual income statement automatically calculated from your income statement. The income statement is a snapshot of your business' health over the span of years given in the financial model.

        No input is required. All values are calculated automatically.
        •  No Inputs Required
        • Complete Income Statement: a 4 year projected income statement that will give that will give you net profit before and after taxes. The income statement is necessary when submitting a business plan for a bank loan and most likely be the most important piece of financial information you will have in your toolbox.
        Only $39 $75
        Instructions on How To Use the Income Estimator are Provided on Every Sheet
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